summer feedingprogram


Our Summer Program continues to provide support for ALL students registered in our program while schools are closed. 


Food4Kids Hamilton Summer Program 


We can now proudly say, ' We feed our kids during the summer months.' 

Throughout the school year, school staff refer students to our program who are in need of support. Through July and August, our program continues to support all students registered in our program by mailing grocery store gift cards to their homes on a bi-weekly basis. This continues into September when school begins, and we are able to resume packing and delivering food bags for children to bring home for the weekend. 

they come home from school on friday so excited

"I grew up in a family where you take care of your own. After my marriage broke up, I had $50 for food for me and my two kids. I would not go to the food bank because I worked when they were open. We just survived. Then the school let me know about Food4Kids. My kids are happier, miss less school and are not sick all the time. It is fun when they come home from school on Friday so excited about what food they will have. Parents like me need this help."

— Parent

He arrived at school each day 
with just one piece of white bread
that was moldy